Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{this made my day}

This print by Irene Suchocki absolutely made my day. I have been a fan of Irene's photography for a while now but this photograph makes me dream of magic places. I LOVE it. Thanks Danni. It inspired me to find more...




  1. these are just heavenly with that golden light and those soft muzzles...reminds me a little of alicia bock's horse photos (you might enjoy her blog, too)


    i bought another one of her horse prints from her etsy store for my sister after our childhood horse had to be put down...the photo looks JUST like him.

    clearly, i'm such a sucker for low-fi holga-y shots of horses when they're composed so beautifully. thanks for sharing these!

  2. I love Alicia Bock's photography too! Her blog is one of my daily reads. So glad you liked the photos!!